Kauai North Shore Lions Foundation

Ball Drop Contest

This is a fund raising contest. 
To participate, click the "Donate" button below and pay with a credit card or with PayPal
(you do not have to have a PayPal account to participate)

Contest Summary

 $10 'buys' 1 ball;  $24 'buys' 3 balls;
$60 'buys' 10 balls; $500 'buys' 100 balls.

There is no limit on the number of balls you can 'buy'
(after the contest, all contest balls will be kept by the Lions)

On the day of the Lions Golf Tournament, "bought" balls will be dropped from a helicopter
The ball that ends up closest to the designated hole wins
(In the hole is closer than next to the hole)

The closest ball to the hole receives 1/2 the total amount collected for this contest

Ties will split the 1/2 total amount collected
(Decisions of the Lions are final)

When you buy some balls by clicking on the "Donate" button below, please enter your name, address, and telephone
(in the "address 2" field) on the form for making payment.  Otherwise, contacting you might be difficult.


Contest Flyer


Golf Balls


When you finish, PayPal will send an email receipt to the email address you give them.
Unfortunately, they do not share your email or telephone with us, which is why we need your telephone number entered again on the final review
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